Evolutionary Astrology

Sample of a birth chart (inner wheel) with current planetary positions (outer wheel) influencing natal energetics

Sample of a birth chart

Himat Kaur Khalsa has a B.A. in Comparative Religion, and has spent the last 30 years using astrological insights alongside her spiritual practice for deep transformation. As a Sikh and Kundalini Yogi, she brings this deep, spiritual and practical dimension to her work with clients from all backgrounds.

understand your karma, energize your dharma

Astrology is the art of understanding and working with the influences of the Sun, Moon, and planets on our lives, individually and collectively. Evolutionary Astrology adds the focus of the growth and evolution of the soul.

Working with an individual's astrological chart--referred to as the birth chart or natal chart--we see how the stimulus of the celestial bodies at the moment of our birth is imprinted in us, and with insight, we can make efforts to enhance our strengths, and to balance and heal ourselves in areas that are challenged within us.  

There are also ways to work with the current stimulus of the celestial bodiesas they call facets of us to the forefront in our daily, evolving lives. These include methods of moving the natal/birth chart forward in time, and also looking at the current location of the planets and celestial bodies in the sky, and where those are spatially superimposed on our natal/birth charts.  Sessions where we look at your current influences are called Transits/Progressions Consultations.  

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What is Evolutionary Astrology?

About Himat Kaur



"Himat Kaur shares her insights of your chart in a way that is empowering and relevant to the deep spiritual journey that we are all on.  She has beautiful insights and helps me think about things in new ways whenever we talk. "


      -Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

"I've had other transit/progression readings before, where the astrologer focused on predicting events for the next year.  That's always fun and interesting, but I haven't found the predictions coming true.  Himat's approach is so rich and deep, because she helps me understand the influences and evolutionary undercurrents that I can purposefully work with to navigate my life and improve myself in specific ways.  I really value Himat's approach and get so, so, so much out of it."

     - Kevin on his Transits/Progressions Consultation