Evolving with Libra  

In zodiacal progression, Virgo (the solar focus of September) is certainly not the final step of evolution.  But as with each successive sign, Virgo’s lessons and evolutionary stimulus spurs us onward toward further growth.  If we have done well with our navigation of Virgo lessons, we have begun to step outside of our own, small ego reference, even if only a little.  We have learned a bit of humility, seeing that not everything in this world is about us and our little paradigms, our individual wants and desires, our own dramas and problems.  

Then with Libra, we move forward to further lessons in moving beyond our own frame of reference… We embark on the realm of somewhat committed relationships in our lives—relationships of all kinds—in which we must navigate the give and take that is necessary in any relationship if it is to be successful.  

Libra’s goal is to be absolutely balanced and centered and at peace, regardless of what is happening around oneself.  This requires a sensitivity to the environment… an attunement to other people in our lives, an awareness of them that has grown out of the ability to see beyond our own ego needs and focuses.  Here then is the dance between assertion and compromise; between talking and listening; between the apparent strength that can be rigid and unyielding, and a strength that can bend and flow.  It requires a certain strength of ego to dive into interaction with other strong, functional egos, and to be neither domineering nor a doormat. 

How do we hold our center with equanimity?  How do we stay in peace within ourselves?  How do we sit calmly in the eye of any storm that swirls and crashes around us?  It is an interesting dichotomy that can seem contradictory:  Be strong enough in yourself that you can set your ego aside and really witness another person… see/hear/understand who he is and what his needs are in the moment… be there for him. 

If Virgo brought the dawning of an ability to see beyond our own noses, then Libra takes the next step to reinforce and expand on that growth: Yes, there are other beings here, and to know them you must step outside of yourself. 

With Virgo, we learn to see some of our own flaws more clearly, even as we have noticed the flaws of others.  And if we have done well learning those lessons, we’ve begun to accept others and ourselves in spite our flaws.  With Libra, we learn to adjust our way of being to accommodate another person...  We learn to relate to others more deeply and with acceptance. 

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Libra

On the evening of October 18th, we have a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Aries.  Eclipse themes often carry through the following six month period until the next eclipse of that type.  With the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries, the balance of Libran lessons above are amplified, and Aries calls for a healthy relationship to making sure our own needs are met, as appropriate.  Meanwhile, Libra asks us: Can you surrender some of your certainty, some of your rigidity, some of your “musts,” in order to make space for other people in your daily life?  Can you hold on to those things that are truly important to you and that really do matter, while letting some other things go another person’s way? 

Said simply:  
When we navigate things well and consciously and maturely, the healthy humility of Virgo paves the way for the gracefulness of Libra.  This does not mean we move to Libra’s shadow side, playing Pollyanna and avoiding conflict.  Libra is about finding the balance between sweet calm and dealing with what needs to be dealt with, which is sometimes tough.  In pop psychology, we hear the phrase “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.”  Mars is the natural ruler of Aries, and Venus the ruler of Libra.  Therein lies the dynamic tension I’ve been talking about.  In reality, as we evolve, every human’s Venus and Mars must be exercised and brought into balance.  As we move into the Age of Aquarius, each human being is called further into accountability to being true to himself, while doing his utmost best to ensure that his actions reflect accountability to others around him.  Anything less reinforces the insanity of the Piscean Age, in which much has rested on shell games and projections and illusions designed to keep people in their “proper places.”  The time will come when that will simply no longer stand.  As Guru Nanak said, “There is no Hindu.  There is no Muslim.”  We might then add, “There is no Sikh.  There is no Christian.”  All humans are children of one God, period.  Similarly, Sikhs throughout history have talked of breaking free from the limits and stigmas of the caste system… which is to say, class distinctions.  Around the globe and in every culture, there is still a certain amount of clinging to Piscean Age pride, superiority and separation, an insidious facet of wanting to hold people in their place, especially if one sees others as “beneath” his own position.  Whenever one person believes their way is the right way, the only way, we find the shadow side of Mars, with a silo-ed insistence on having its own way and a refusal to see other perspectives as valid.  We see the sick shadow side of Aries seeking to push others into a weak, submissive, Libran stance that seeks to keep peace with the stronger character (Aries). 

Whichever shadow tends to come out in your own patterns—conscious or unconscious—the eclipse energy this month asks for your conscious attempt to grow beyond the Piscean hierarchical mind, whether you see yourself as “above” or “below.”  Just say no!

36th Pauri of JapJi

Every zodiac sign has range of expressions, from a very low-consciousness vibration to one that reflects a very high, God-like consciousness.  The 36th Pauri of the Sikh prayer called JapJi, resonates with the ultimate goal and highest vibration of Libran conscious, raised to a God-level vibration.  This beautiful translation of the 36th Pauri is by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa (For Gurmukhi text of the bani/prayer, see the What You Can Do section below): 

In the Realm of Wisdom,
Wisdom is found.

Beyond Sound
The subtle
Vibratory frequency
Of creation
Creates the plays
And dramas. 

In the Realm of Effort,
The Divine Word
Becomes form.

What is crafted there
Are creations
Of Incomparable Beauty.

It is impossible
To speak
Of these matters.

If someone
Tries to speak,
He’ll only feel mournful
That he couldn’t
Describe it.

What is crafted there
Are persons of
Purity, clarity and grace.
Attuned to the Divine
With minds
That know the difference
Between Truth and falsehood,
Persons of genuine understanding
And wisdom.

What is crafted there
Are the psyches
Of angels and masters. 1

“There, beyond sound, the subtle vibratory frequency of creation creates the plays and the dramas.”  Far beyond our conscious control, experiences are churned that trigger our ego responses to situations and to one another.  These experiences trigger fear, weakness and submission in some, while triggering the fight, defensiveness and controlling behavior in others.  And the drama plays on.

“What is crafted there are persons of purity, clarity and grace.  Attuned to the Divine with minds that know the difference between Truth and falsehood, persons of genuine understanding and wisdom.  What is crafted there are the psyches of angles and masters.”  This speaks directly to the ultimate goal of Libra—to hold oneself in strength of poise, peace and equanimity no matter what is happening.  As we face the challenges of everyday life, and endeavor to continually turn our lives and our challenges over to the Divine, we hone and chisel our minds and identities.  We evolve to the point that we actively seek that peace of the Divine perspective.  We reach for alignment with this genuine understanding and wisdom.  We make the effort and take the actions needed to help chisel away the marble that covers our True Selves.  Alignment with that high vibration does not happen in the blink of any eye or a snap of the fingers.  But slowly, through desire for that alignment, we apply this consciousness actively and regularly in our life.  We begin to develop the psyches of the angels…  We do the work needed to become masters in time.  We chip away from ourselves the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that do not reflect those angels and masters in the realm of Effort, Saram Khand.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

This year, the three Mercury retrograde periods all occur with Mercury in water signs, calling for us to integrate energies and understanding of our sensitivity personally, interpersonally and transpersonally. 
The third and final Mercury retrograde period of the year begins October 21st, with Mercury turning retrograde at 18 degrees Scorpio.  (Mercury will resume direct motion November 10th.)

This year, we first had Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, which subtly stimulated some level of loosening our identification with the ego and its attachments.  In those fast “asleep,” it perhaps stimulated a grasping for the comfort and familiarity of limited ego identifications. 

The second Mercury Retrograde period this year was in the sign of Cancer, and kicked off our year of Jupiter traveling through Cancer.  I’ve written much about the Jupiter in Cancer stimulus to develop self-awareness and self-sensitivity, and this will continue through July of 2014.  In Cancer, Mercury retrograde invited us to become more attuned to our emotions, to our sensitivity, to our imagination and to the undercurrents moving deep within the core of ourselves. 

Now, on October 21st, Mercury pauses to begin several weeks of retrograde motion in the sign of Scorpio.  Our self-awareness and subtle processing/integration moves to themes of the dance between us and intimate others.  Scorpio’s energy provokes an experience of surrendering to that which is “other” on some level.  In relationship, Scorpio asks us to go beyond Libra’s dance of fairness and compromise and commitment, and into the realm of what happens when we let down our walls and have experiences that take us literally beyond our small selves.  We are not necessarily talking about spirituality and God with Scorpio, but there are experiences that do point beyond our small lives by nature of knocking down our self-protective walls and breaking open our shells.  With Scorpio, we are confronted with the questions (some of them uncomfortable and haunting) that shatter our comfort zones. 

In this year of increasing our self-sensitivity with Jupiter in Cancer, and with Mercury soon retrograde in Scorpio, I invite you to turn your self-sensitivity to questions like these: 

  • Who is the self that remains when you have surrendered your will and your ego in relationship with another person?

  • Who is the self that remains when this mortal life is finished?  How much is awareness of that self integrated into our thought patterns, emotional patterns and behavior?

  • What does it mean to be vulnerable to something beyond your small self-identity?  Does that vulnerability require strength?  If it does, how to do you both embrace that strength and also tear down your own walls to allow really knowing another and being known? 

  • When another person is trusting enough to be vulnerable with you, will you contain and protect the other in that vulnerability?  Do you radiate and convey trust that proves you are reliable?  Do you encourage a deeper knowing and connection, and can you hold that space without lashing out and destroying it? 

  • With gentle but steady self-awareness, what do you notice about your own patterns of surrendering your ego, will and walls in relationship with another? 

  • What scares you?  What makes your ego-self feel unsafe and then attempt to protect itself?  Why? 

  • What are the defenses you use to protect yourself when you feel afraid of something outside of/beyond your small self?  What would happen if you purposefully did the opposite of normal behavior, and attempted to act counter to a normal defense mechanism? 


Uranus-Pluto Square Nov 1st, 2013

On November 1st, we will have the fourth of seven Uranus-Pluto squares occurring between June 2012 and March 2015.  I’ve already written a lot about these squares; please see my articles on the topic for more understanding and suggestions on navigating them (Aug 2012, April 2013, May 2013). 
In short, these squares stimulate needed breakdown or breakthrough for us, according to what’s happening in our biography and what is stimulated in our natal chart and anchored in us vibrationally.  In some area of our lives where we need to heal and clear ourselves, and there is an area where we are “stuck” in some way.  And the question is whether we will willingly make changes in those areas as situations present themselves, rather than waiting for the universe to finally say, “Oh, my goodness!  Really?!  Here let me break that up for you, and then let’s see what you do with things to grow, to reinvent yourself!”

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio stimulates the self-awareness that amplifies the changes Pluto in Capricorn calls for.  If we consciously listen and “tune in” with self-sensitivity during this Mercury Retrograde period, we can do a lot to exorcise some of the deep subconscious patterns that get in our way.  If you’d like to leverage this stimulus to clear more garbage, a great meditation is the Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear Karmas, from The Master’s Touch. 2

The temperance and equanimity of Libra would seem to conflict with Uranus in Aries’ urge to break free from any and all limitations, charging forth on an independent, self-directed path.  This is not an easy balance, when Uranus in Aries wants to be freed from the expectations of others, or freed from the oppressive forces of those whose decisions effect our lives in the larger structure of things.  Suffice it to say that these lessons and themes may be churned this month, most of us swinging more easily to one side of the pendulum than the other.  Perhaps with this Uranus-Pluto square, we might facilitate greater growth for ourselves by noticing our personal patterns in relationships, and consciously choosing to approach things in a very different way.  Give it some thought and give it a try!

What You Can Do

In the vast body of Kundalini Yoga meditations, there are so, so many that are helpful for different facets of things.  Here are several suggestions to consider for this month:

  • Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear Karmas 2

  • Ego Eradicator Kriya 3 (The Aquarian Teacher)

  • Meditation for Interdependence 4 (Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance).  “The person who is most slave-like is the one who is trying to prove he is independent—because life is totally interdependent.” 

  • Eleven repetitions of the 36th Pauri of Jap Ji Sahib daily (This Pauri brings divine realization.  It grants complete understanding of the heavens and the earth. 5):

Wisdom Within the Play

October 2013

understand your karma, energize your dharma

Evolve With Astrology


Gi-aan Khand Meh Gi-aan Parchand

Tit’hai Naad Binod Kod Anand

Saram Khand Kee Baanee Roop

Tit’hai Ghaarat Gharee-ai Bahut Anoop

Taa Kee-aa Galaa Kat’hee-aa Naa Jaa-eh

Jay Ko Kehai Pichhai Pachhutaa-i

Tit’hai Gharee-ai Surat Mat Man Budh

Tit’hai Gharee-ai Suraa Sidhaa Kee Sudh

I wish you a great, breakthrough month!


1 JapJi Sahib: The Song of the Soul by Guru Nanak, Translated by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa. Espanola, NM, 2005.

2 Kundalini Research Institute, The Master’s Touch. Espanola, NM: 1997.

3 Kundalini Research Institute, The Aquarian Teacher. Espanola, NM: 2003.

4 Kundalini Research Institute. Success and the Spirit: An Aquarian Path to Abundance. Santa Cruz, NM: 2011. 

5 Sundar Gutka, Singh Sahib Sant Singh Khalsa. Tucson, AZ.

© Himat Kaur Khalsa, EvolveWithAstrology.com