Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Saturn

The imprint of this eclipse in Scorpio also carries the energy of its alignment (conjunction) with Saturn in Scorpio, and its proximity to retrograde Mercury in Scorpio.  How might this all combine and collude for our evolution or our stagnation? 
We have the potential for a new beginning in which we apply hard work (Saturn) to perceiving our patterns more clearly (Mercury moving smoothly and swiftly between the conscious mind, the unconscious, and Higher Consciousness), and healing and/or integrating deep content from the “underworld” within ourselves (Scorpio).  Suffice it to say, what is normally buried within us is churned and brought out, asking us to become conscious and responsible for maturely navigating that buried material that bleeds over into our waking lives.  We may or may not currently be conscious of these themes and patterns from the deep recesses of our psyches, but they will bubble and trickle (or rage) into our minds, emotions and behavior, and Scorpio would dearly love us to be hyper-aware of ourselves and to face what arises with brutal honesty.  Then Saturn would ask us coolly, “And now, what will you do about this?”

The alignment with Saturn in Scorpio may also be triggering issues of relationship to authority, to responsibilities, to structure and the infrastructure of our lives, and even to issues around how we share power and resources with others.  These interpersonal challenges do not sit with us easily, whether we encounter them in outright clashes with others, or simply feel the tension within ourselves.  And in contrast to Saturnian feelings of limitation and suppression, Uranus in Aries spurs fighting for our independence and individuality, and does not want to just lie down and surrender to the dictates of others in power, leadership or dominance. 
Don’t forget that we are now in the midst of the Uranus-Pluto square.  Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio, so with the Scorpio New Moon, and Mercury retrograde with Saturn in Scorpio, we are in a very heightened time of dealing with garbage and challenges around controlling/being controlled, around knowing we’re equal, but struggling with those who want to see and treat us as unequal.  Make no mistake, when situations have us in the position of being held down, we need the energy of Uranus in Aries to fight back, rightfully and righteously. 

Mercury Stationary Direct Trine Neptune in Pisces

On November 10th, Mercury pauses before resuming direct motion.  At that point, Mercury is exactly trine Neptune.  Some will perhaps “numb out” to the chaos of the Scorpionic intensities, seeking comfort and relief through escape.  But this is an important time to take advantage of a subtle yet powerful opportunity.  Mercury, dancing through the terrain of the unconscious and subconscious minds, is pausing in his retrograde journey, turning to soon resume forward motion.  Meanwhile, Neptune—the planet that reaches for deeper Truth within us and beyond—has been in retrograde motion since June 7th, and is also pausing to turn and resume forward motion. 

Imagine that on two separate levels—the depth of the unconscious and the height nearer God-consciousness—there have been two bowls of water, both churned by a stir stick in counterclockwise motion… fast, fast, fast…  Going back, revisiting, rethinking, hopefully releasing.  Some of the process may be happening at the conscious level, but much of it not worked through consciously.  The water is spinning around the bowls backwards.  Then the stir sticks are removed, and as we come to this period of time in November, when the water in both bowls comes to stand still.  The water will soon resume a forward spin in the bowls.  But just now, the waters are calm. 
The planet of the mind (Mercury) pauses in the waters of the subconscious.  The planet of experiencing the Higher Self (Neptune) pauses in those Lofty Waters (or for some the foggy waters of self-forgetting or escape).  Folks, there is an opportunity to do some major closet cleaning of the psyche in this period of time—the beautiful energetic facilitation of bringing darkness to Light, of releasing what does not reflect Truth within, and surrendering the lowly to experience and anchor a deeper habit of reaching for God within. 

The idea of surrender in Scorpio makes way for the surrender of a Neptunian nature.  Ultimately, surrender to our internal processes—which cannot be controlled despite our hope and our attempts to do just that—slowly trains us and opens us to a deeper surrender to the unfoldment of our lives, to God, to Truth. 

Power Days This Month

November 3rd –The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  Meditate to clear the subconscious mind, to balance the mind around intimate relationship and its challenges.  The Moon also aligns with Saturn this day, so it is a great day to put some muscle into your spiritual practice. 

November 10th – Mercury pauses to turn direct and resume forward motion.  Meditations to balance and clear the mind are helpful at this time. 

November 11th – Stationary Mercury trine Neptune.  This is a high-opportunity day to anchor the light of higher consciousness into the mind, transforming what Mercury retrograde in Scorpio has catalyzed. 

November 21st – This is a day with a lot of lunar aspects, so things may feel highly stimulated.  The Moon moves into a T-square, squaring and opposing Uranus and Pluto respectively; interacting with that Uranus-Pluto square may bring sensitivity and heightened tension.  The Moon also moves into close aspect with Venus (opposition), Mars (sextile), Mercury (trine) and Jupiter (conjunct).  There is a whole lot of energy moving on this day!  Meditate and integrate! 

What You Can Do

Here are several yogic suggestions to consider for this month:

  •  Yoga set for The Navel Center and Elimination 1

  • Guru Gaitri Mantra , which “can eliminate the karmic blocks or errors of the past… Besides helping cleanse the subconscious mind, it balances the hemispheres of the brain, bringing compassion and patience to the one who meditates on it.” 2

Gobinday, mukunday, udaaray, apaaray

Hareeung, kareeung, nirnaamay, akaamay



1 Kundalini Research Institute, Kundalini Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students. Espanola, NM: 1979.   

2 Kundalini Research Institute, The Aquarian Teacher. Espanola, NM: 2003.

© Himat Kaur Khalsa,

Dredging the Darkness, Cultivating Light

november 2013

understand your karma, energize your dharma

Evolve With Astrology


As we begin the month of November, we are in the midst of Mercury’s retrograde passage in Scorpio, and we start the month with the fourth of seven Uranus-Pluto squares (between June 2012 and March 2015).  Both of these factors (which I wrote about in my October article) are very present and penetrating in our lives and as a backdrop to anything else going on.  Many planets come into combined influence this month, and it is a month of potentially very deep impact. 

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Scorpio

In the wee, early hours of November 3rd, we have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio, whose themes will carry through the following six-month period until the next Solar Eclipse.  Any New Moon mirrors a new beginning seeded in the ethers, with the potential to grow into something truly new as the Moon waxes in light and reaches the Full Moon phase.  The Sun symbolically impregnates the Moon, which gestates the seeded themes as the Moon seems to grow larger. 
If we work well with these particular possibilities being seeded, we cultivate a mature relationship with Scorpio themes, which include:

  • surrender to and transformation of what lies hidden within us

  • surrender and healing in relation to what is beyond the individual self (intimate relationship)

  • surrender and reconciliation with what is beyond this life as we know it​