• a focus (balanced or imbalanced) on basic survival needs being met, e.g., food/nutrition, water, shelter, heating/cooling for health and comfort, clothing, having/making money to purchase these things, and feeling safe and comfortable.  (Lessons for cultures and individuals can take the form of lack and its lessons, or abundance and its lessons around any of these basic needs.)

  • an emphasis on making money, and hopefully individuals making money to survive/thrive by using their skills

  • the question of how people are valued for who they are as individuals, not just as servants of the machine of the culture and their contribution to commerce

In this current cycle, we are exploring our relationship to greed and an unimpeded Yes to pleasure and possession.  We have in many ways become gluttons of all we survey, or if we do not have the resources to have what we desire, we feel deprived and we dream of having the resources to have it all.

Perhaps in the process of our collective growth with this cycle, the wisdom voice of Saturn is asking Jupiter the deeper question in striving for maturity: What do you think life is about?  Is it about taking every drop of pleasure in life possible, with a singular focus that makes us blind to other people’s needs or our own ability to sustain balance and temperance?  Conversely, is it about life being dull and boring, even miserable, if we are not regularly escaping into some pleasure or entertainment?  And where do we find the balance between those?  

The reason I’m diving into the Jupiter-Saturn cycle here is that on Dec 12, 2013, we have the waning trine aspect (120 degrees) of the two planets in their 20-year dance.  Trines are often said to be “easy” aspects and not demanding of our attention.  In fact, many say, “Oooh, a trine!  This should be easy and perhaps a good time.”  Certainly, we could be busy with the holiday season and our lives, and miss this aspect entirely.  I’d like to just bring a little conscious awareness to it to mark it in time and purpose for us.  

In the overall cycle, Jupiter and Saturn have already gone beyond their “Full Moon” phase of opposition (2010-2011). Symbolically, we have expanded ourselves fully into manifestation in the expression of what was seeded at the conjunction in 2000.  And something about the way we’ve manifested things is still very much anchored, but our psyches may be feeling a bit of discontent and restlessness around these themes.  Maybe whatever we’ve done has gone well but we’re bored.  Perhaps our manifestation fell short of what we’d hoped, and we want “out” of what is so we can begin something new.  

Now we come to the waning trine, and if we navigate and integrate the energies well, we consciously stretch ourselves to share what we’ve learned and what we have.  We feel our oneness and camaraderie with our fellow humans.  As we do this, we call forth the kind of peace and grace that helps shift our frustration and discontent with what is.  We cultivate patience and purpose to continue our current path. 

Venus Retrograde

Venus turns retrograde on December 21st for 40 days. Astrologers always talk about Venus retrograde as a time to be careful with material purchases, and that’s true.  Venus as ruler of money and possessions does tell us to perhaps pull back a bit and wait to make big purchases, as they may not work well or turn out to be what we wanted in the end.  It is good general advice to research options and features of prospective purchases, waiting until Venus turns direct to commit to owning them.  But remember some of the other things Venus rules.  Like good stewardship of all our possessions, including our bodies, as well as the best value and possession: ourselves.  With Venus retrograde, it is a good time to:

  • consider and build our relationship to self-worth and self-value (whether our sense of self is currently under- or over-inflated)

  • honestly survey whether we are doing what we need to take care of ourselves in all the basic and important earthy ways; for example:

              Are we getting proper nutrition and taking care of our bodies by giving them the kind of fuel and vitamins, minerals and such

              that they need?  Or are we eating only for pleasure, with the resulting expansion? 

              Are we getting enough exercise to keep our bodies in good, functioning condition?  

              Is our relationship to money good, or are we out of balance with what we’re doing financially?  Especially considering the

              state of the economy (reflecting the challenging transformation Pluto in Capricorn would like to stimulate in our economic

              infrastructure), how well are we handling our finances?  

             How is the weather in our interpersonal relationships?  Are we doing a good job of balance, giving and taking in turns and

             with grace?

             Are our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in balance? In other words, are we quick to adrenalize in fight or

             flight reactions to things in life, or do we have a relative peace, patience and ease within? 

Venus retrograde asks us, if we are out of balance in any of these areas, what can we and what will we do about it?  

Venus in Capricorn and the Uranus-Pluto Squares

Earlier, I said that the last “New Moon” phase of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in Taurus (in 2000) pointed to what all of humanity is working with in terms of social paradigm/philosophy, and relationship to our social structure.  Venus is the natural ruler of Taurus, so we may experience this upcoming Venus retrograde period as an opportunity for every human and society on the planet to consider how we are doing with those themes within the 20-year cycle.  Venus is currently in Capricorn with Pluto, which is working on overhauling the darkness and subversive undercurrents in cultures where people are undervalued and undermined by those in power.

It’s an interesting reflection of the Uranus-Pluto squares of 2012-2015, and of the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn trine, that recently the newest Catholic Pope, Francis, spoke out against what he sees as capitalism and materialism on steroids and running amok [my paraphrasing].  His words echo the feelings of many--citizens of societies in which those in charge are so focused on larger profits that they lose touch with the value of being wonderfully Jupiterian… The value of being generous, benevolent figures ensuring the well-being of those whose work brings them success and prosperity.  Jupiter in waning trine to Saturn would have us all commune with our inner Santa Clause, our inner benevolent father (or mother!), as we take ourselves into all of our social settings, from family to school to work to church.  When we find an emptiness in chasing after things, how can a spirit of giving and sharing and beneficence make our hearts more content and make our environments a better place?

We tend to think of the inner planets more as personal planets rather than as big agents of change.  However, when the larger planets beam to us their energies and stimulate movement on the scale of society, the inner “personal” planets can help us interpret and integrate the changes being wrought.  All hail Venus retrograde!  Let us meditate!

What You Can Do

Here are a few yogic suggestions to consider for this month:

  • Meditation to Eliminate Tension and Stress (1)     

  • Meditation for Finding Happiness & Peace Within (2)

  • Any meditations that balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, such as alternate nostril breathing (inhale right, exhale left, inhale left, exhale right)

  • Any prosperity meditation 


1 Kundalini Research Institute, Physical Wisdom. Santa Cruz, NM: 2008.  

2 Kundalini Research Institute, Praana, Praanee, Praanayam. Espanola, NM: 2006.

© Himat Kaur Khalsa, EvolveWithAstrology.com

Finding Peace and Grace Where We Are

December 2013

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Jupiter Trine Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn come into conjunction (appear to be aligned together) every 20 years, ushering in a new cycle in which we explore themes of expansion, largesse and an unimpeded “Yes,” in relation to contraction, responsibility, and the ability to see the need for “No” and to say it.  This cycle also relates to our paradigm of life and our sense of how we can fit into it (Jupiter), coming together with Saturn to actually get out there in society and make that envisioned place for ourselves, hopefully in a way that reflects who we are and what we truly have to offer that is of value.  

On May 28, 2000, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn marked the beginning of the current 20-year cycle, this time seeded in Taurus.  This reflects lessons and intended human evolution related to: