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​This month as the Sun moves through the sign of Leo, we experience our self-sensitivity in perhaps a more outward way, through experiences in the world or simply through acting on what we’re instinctively feeling within.  This is a fiery sign, not so focused on internal process. 

The Sun, which rules the sign of Leo, is the center of our solar system, its gravitational force so powerful that it holds planets billions of miles away in orbit around itself.  These planets are hurtling through space at an inconceivable rate of speed.  The Earth, our home, is flying through space in orbit around our Sun at a mind-boggling 67,000 miles per hour!  And the Sun’s gravity is so powerful that, even at that speed, we are held in orbit around it. 

As above, so below.  Astrologically, the Sun in our birth chart holds the same gravitational power, the same force and presence.  And here we meet our identity, which be definition is conscious. 
However, both conscious and unconscious factors combine to make us who we are… shaped by karmic experiences, the influence of family, education, religion, friends, and experiences during our formative years and throughout our lives.  I have previously asked the question, “Who do you think you are?”  We must remember that while our self-identity is conscious, a portion of what shapes us is unconscious, as well, and we begin to discover facets of our unconscious self through reflecting on our actions.  A large portion of our growth lies in making the unconscious conscious… some of that being shadow self, and a far vaster and truer portion being our divine self. 

In Leo fashion, I want to forego analytical, psychological exploration, and instead share a section of the daily Sikh prayer called JapJi.  This is the
34th Pauri (stanza) of JapJi, and it beautifully describes a perspective on what we are doing here in our lives: developing self-awareness and through that process, chiseling and polishing our own self-identities, gradually clearing away all self-expression that does not reflect our True Self.  

This is a beautiful translation by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa:

Nights, seasons, Moon cycles, days. 

Wind, water, fire and the underworld. 

In the midst of this, the Earth was established as a place where Spirit could evolve into a Conscious Awareness of Itself, protected.

For that purpose, the souls came through time and space in such a variety of colors. 

Those souls are so many, they are countless. 

There are actions upon actions and we reflect on what we do. 

Thou, oh Divine One, are True and True is Your Royal Court in which all is contained. 

In Your Royal Court, Your devotees, the ones who have found themselves within themselves, look beautiful. 

Their actions flow from Grace and this is the sign of You they carry. 

The Not-Yet-Ripe and the Ripe are both there on the Earth. 

Nanak, go and see it. 1


Beautiful!  I love this Pauri!  Here are some of my thoughts on it…

“Nights, seasons, Moon cycles, days.” 

The Earth’s movement around the Sun, and the tilt of the Earth’s axis, create the fluctuation of the seasons. 
Our angular relationship to the Sun creates different pressures upon us.  This stimulates a variety of experiences, so that over time we can become more and more conscious of ourselves, and consciously choose our identity and our self-expression in any moment.  Angular movement stimulates personal shift and change.  

The rotation of the Earth around its axis creates the changes of night and day, dark and light, radiation and reprieve, stimulation and rest.  
Cyclical angles of light and radiation from the Sun stimulate personal shift and change. 

The Moon’s movement around the Earth, and its angular relationship to the Sun, changes the gravitational pull on the Earth and on our bodies.  It changes the amount of light the Moon reflects from the Sun, to translate it to us in a way we experience through the shades of our emotional and energetic sensitivity. 
Constantly progressing moon cycles, and lunar angles to the Sun and the Earth, stimulate personal shift and change. 

Angles of the planets to the Sun and to the Earth change and pull on us physically and energetically.  Angular movement stimulates personal shift and change. 

In Kundalini Yoga, we use angles of arms, legs and eye focus to stimulate different types of pressure on organs, glands and chakras.  Angular movement stimulates personal shift and change. 

“Wind, water, fire and the underworld.”

Here we understand that the elements (tattvas)—four of which are air, water, fire and earth—stimulate us in different ways.  Each element has a different character and reflection in our actions and behavior. 
Different elements/energies creating different kinds of experiences bring us the opportunity for self-reflection, and for shift and change.  

“In the midst of this, the Earth was established as a place where Spirit could evolve into a Conscious Awareness of Itself, protected.  There are actions upon actions, and we reflect on what we do.”

Every moment of every day of our lives, we live and we reflect on what we do.  In this year of Jupiter moving through the sign of Cancer, and in this month of prominent Sun energy ruling the sign of Leo, we have a beautiful opportunity to experience this kind of self-awareness through our aliveness and our living.  Action… awareness of that identity.  More action… awareness of that identity.  Further action… awareness of that identity.

“…True is Your Royal Court in which all is contained.” 

When we understand Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Nam (One Creator created the Creation, and this Spirit with me is my True Identity), we understand that everything that exists is the Creation of the One Creator, and therefore everything that happens is at play in the Court of the Divine.  It is all experience for our self-exploration, to ultimately remember and live each moment from that True Identity. 

 “…The Not-Yet-Ripe and the Ripe are both there on the Earth.  Nanak, go and see it.” 

The different levels of awareness in people around us create a variety of stimuli not unlike the angles of the Sun, Moon and planets in their dance with us. 
Different personalities reflect different anchored energies, and like the planets, they push and pull, they chisel and polish us.  Encounters with different people at different levels of soul development stimulate shift and change. 

This amazing section of JapJi describes how we should ultimately dance with the Solar energy, and with the Leo faculty of self-identity and self-expression.  This month, my invocation for us all is to live life, enjoy being who we are, and to revel in the self that we discover through our living and our self-reflection. 

Key Planetary Aspects in August

  • August 3rd brings us an interesting Moon day.  Luna is prominent in stimulating two major planetary aspect configurations:  First, in the morning, she slips into the Cancer position of a water grand trine with Saturn and Neptune.  (See my previous two articles for more on the grand water trine.)  In the afternoon, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Cancer, heightening emotions and hopefully self-awareness, as well.  In the evening, the Moon in Cancer slides into an opposition to Pluto, followed six hours later by a square to Uranus.  Both of these aspect configurations (grand trine and “T-square”) invite us to clear away the fog and see something of our current patterns that would benefit from purposeful efforts to evolve.

  • On August 7th, transiting Jupiter forms an opposition aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.  This is an opportunity to increase self-sensitivity around our relationship to power, and to unconscious patterns within us including deep wounds that are ready for transformation. 

  • On August 21st, transiting Jupiter forms a square aspect to Uranus in Aries.  This brings opportunity to increase self-sensitivity to “stuck” areas of our lives that need breakthrough. 

  • On August 30th, the Moon again slips into the Cancer point in the grand water trine with Saturn and Neptune.  Self-awareness of deep patterns is stimulated. 


What You Can Do

Live and enjoy life!  And occasionally, spend time reflecting on what your experiences and reactions might indicate about who you think you are.  Not such a great reflection?  When you stumble upon a moment when your identity needs a little transformation, work in a meditation to affirm and align with the Truth of Who You Are, using a simple mantra such as: 

Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam (6x), Wahe Guru. 


God and Me, Me and God, Are One.


1 JapJi Sahib: The Song of the Soul by Guru Nanak, Translated by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa. Espanola, NM, 2005. Print.

© Himat Kaur Khalsa, EvolveWithAstrology.com 

August 2013

The month of Leo is upon us, with the Sun strong in its radiant presence.  We seek joy, play and self-expression.  We are alive with possibilities and diving into life to experience them.  And through it all, we experience the self within that enjoys it.  We dance in the energies of self-identity, where we hold court from the center of our own lives, or some struggle to do so.  With our Sun, with Leo, we seek that respect that comes from being the leader of our own lives, where we are the king or queen of our personal kingdom, be it small or large. 

In July’s article, I wrote about developing self-sensitivity and self-awareness with Jupiter moving through the sign of Cancer for a year.  The sign of Leo is less introspective, and yet,
Leo is about self-expression, which ultimately flows outward from a foundation of self-experience and self-knowledge.  

Stimulus, Awareness, Shift and Change