Virgo’s Shadow and Gifts  

​With August’s solar journey, the sign of Leo and its planetary ruler, the Sun, are reflected in the gravity of our individual ego-structures and in the powerful radiance of self-expression. When we act, there are effects in the ripples of creation around us. 

In Virgo, the earthy sign after Leo, the effects of our self-expression are observable in a way that we can more objectively see. We then define things.  We categorize things.  We assess things.  We analyze ourselves and others.  We compare and contrast.  We conceptualize perfection and measure ourselves and others against our personal standard.  Quite often this looks like judgment.  And in this process, the mind easily goes down the path of idolizing or slandering.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  It can look ugly—whether it is aimed at others or ourselves, and whether we express it or hold it inside to knock around in our minds.  

​Taken to a higher level of expression, with Virgo we have the possibility of self-improvement.  We can cultivate objective observation and the self-discipline that allows us to develop and evolve ourselves.  With Virgo, we can remove the rose-colored glasses of ego-fantasy about ourselves and others.  We begin to refine the personality and the identity, when we tune into the Virgo vibration and recognize our own flaws.  In less judgmental language, we begin to recognize ways that we get in our own way and undermine ourselves. 

If we understand that this process of action, awareness and refinement is in play for everyone else as well, we begin to develop compassion and acceptance for others’ flaws.  We begin allowing them their own processes, and their own speeds of self-development and refinement.  We come to accept them all as they are, because we understand that everyone is on their own personal journey of “ripening.”  With Virgo, the ultimate endpoint is purity of intent and action, and a sense of purpose to our existence which helps us keep up with life’s realities, however mundane they may sometimes seem.  We begin to move beyond judgment and apply the wisdom of acceptance that can see the Divine gift of hukam (Spirit’s Will), accepting that what is manifesting for each of us is what we need for our own growth and evolution, and that it is all divinely arranged. 

In this age of Kali Yug, our psyches are so tied to the density of ego identifications.  Fear is high, and we unconsciously respond to that fear with comparison, complaint, and competition.  We get into the game of “attack and defend.”  If we loosen the reins and let the fearful ego-mind take over, we go down a heavy road fast, and our identities get way out of whack. 
Only self-awareness and purposeful self-control of the mind will keep us centered and rerouting our orientation to our True Identity.  Let us not “bear false witness” about anyone’s identity.  We must keep remembering, remembering, remembering Who We all Are, and be vigilant to stop thinking anything less about any of us. 

JapJi – 35th Pauri

In my August 2013 article, I wrote about the 34th Pauri of the Sikh prayer called JapJi.  In that Pauri, Guru Nanak speaks of the purpose and process of evolving our self-identity.  He says, “The Earth was established as a place where Spirit could evolve into a conscious awareness of Itself, protected.”  And the process is that “there are actions upon actions and we reflect on what we do.” 1 

The next step of JapJi, the 35th Pauri, speaks to the heart of the Virgo vibration.  Again, I reference a beautiful translation by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa 1:
In the Realm of Dharma,
Of Spiritual Law,
We come to understand
How to awaken ourselves
To ourselves.

In the Realm of Wisdom,
We speak
Of how everything
Gets accomplished.

There are so many
Winds, waters and fires.

So many
Creative forces.

So many
That the Creator
Is crafting,
Clothing the Spirit
In Form and Color.

So many actions
Done in so many
Lands and places.

So many places
That are not even
Known to us.

All for learning
What You want us
To learn.

So many Heavens,
Moons and Suns.

So many Galaxies
With so many peoples. 

So many joined
In Union with Thee.

So many wise ones
And masters.

So many
Robed goddesses.

So many gods
And demons.

So many persons of Honor.

So many jewels of Spiritual instruction
In so many Oceans of Existences. 

So many ways
Of thinking about things.

So many words
That come from Thee.

So many rulers
Of Spiritual Nobility.

So many
Living attuned to Thee,
So many of Your servants.

Nanak, even Your limits are beyond limits.

The words and vibration of this Pauri penetrate into the heart of Virgo vibration. 

“We come to understand how to awaken ourselves to ourselves. In the Realm of Wisdom, we speak of how everything gets accomplished.”  Virgo has the capacity to discern what needs improvement, determine how to go about self-mastery and skill development, and apply the self-discipline to do it.  In the 35th Pauri, these faculties are called forth in us. 

This Pauri then unfolds, evoking a sense of wonder at the vastness and variety of forms and learning throughout all of Creation.  It has an expansive, mind-opening effect that pokes at Virgo’s shadow side of perfectionism, and stimulates one of Virgo’s greatest gifts: humility.  There is even a vibe of praise for how amazing all of Creation is. 
Subtly, this Pauri can stimulate a healthy Virgo realization that whatever our ego is attached to, whatever it thinks is known and true, there is way more than that.  It encourages humility and the realization that each of us can only deal with our own roles and responsibilities and path in this life. It is up to each of us to tend to our own part in the overall scheme of things.  Again, we are at once both humbled to “get over ourselves, our pride and our egotism,” while being spurred to move beyond ourselves and make our lives count for something meaningful… to find something that is our contribution to the whole.  Virgo paves the way for ego-transcendence… making the ego-structure healthy and functional in hopefully a productive, non-destructive way. 

Through the stimulus of Virgo energy, we begin to expand our awareness beyond our own self-referential, egocentric filters.  We gradually forego our subjective perceptions and ideas.  We begin to develop the conscious choice of objective observation and interpretation.  We cultivate the appetite for self-discipline, in thinking and in action.  We begin to see that there are myriad ways of looking at things, and we expand our paradigm to accept the perfection in diversity.  We understand that though we may not relate to another’s ways and choices, they are part of that person’s divinely designed path to evolution. 
We grow to understand that there is not one cookie-cutter path of life that everyone should follow.  And in this acceptance, we understand that we are free from the tyranny of what others think our path should be.  This freedom gives us self-possession to find our own path/work, and the reality-check that since we are the only ones who can walk our path, we’d better get on with it.  That regular awareness enables Virgo self-discipline.

If we integrate the evolutionary growth Virgo calls for,
we move beyond our egocentrism in a way that prepares us for building healthy relationships with others around us, because we can see beyond our own noses and navels, beyond our own righteous ideas that we otherwise project onto others.  We cease expecting that others should go into orbit around us, buying into and conforming to our beliefs and desires, expectations and needs.  We understand that each soul is a Sun, drawing what it needs into orbit around itself… which means that we are all Suns in charge of our own sphere of life, and should not be dominated or dictated to or “shoulded upon” by anyone else.  With Virgo, we face the steady pressure to overcome the limitations of ego-identification, and we pave the way for the further development with the signs that follow. 

Self-Sensitivity on Virgo Themes

In our year of Jupiter traversing the sign of Cancer (June 2013 into July of 2014), we are developing self-sensitivity—the ability to tune into what we are creating and magnetizing with our vibration, born of our thoughts and emotions and our dominant paradigm.  With the vibrations of Virgo stimulating us this month, I invite you to practice this Virgo discernment:  Observe your energy, your feeling tone…

  • Is your focus on finding the imperfections in yourself, another person or an experience, building an ego hitch that keeps catching more “yuck” to haul along? 

  • Or are you bringing a higher, objective perception to your experience?  Are you tending your own garden, and practicing the grace that allows others their own process and experience? 

The first approach builds negative ego that blocks awareness of God within.  The second reinforces your own connection to God within, and transcends the urge to ignore God within others. 

I wish you happy, long experiences of internal objectivity and acceptance.  Have a blessed month!

What You Can Do

In the vast body of Kundalini Yoga meditations, there are so, so many that are helpful for different facets of things.  Here are several suggestions to consider for this month:

  • Ego Eradicator Kriya daily 2 

  • Meditation: Intuitive Assessment of Personality Defects to be Covered 3 -(Alerts the mind to the habits and patterns that limit you when you want to respond to your insight and understanding of who you are and what to do.) 

  • Meditation: Man Subaavee Mudra Kriya 4 (To Tranquilize the Mind)

  • Eleven repetitions of the 35th Pauri  of Jap Ji Sahib daily (This Pauri gives you the breadth to do your duty and fulfill your responsibility 5):

Expanding Awareness Beyond Ego 

September 2013

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1 JapJi Sahib: The Song of the Soul by Guru Nanak, Translated by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa. Espanola, NM, 2005.

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© Himat Kaur Khalsa,

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