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January 2013 - A Watery Year of Change

Continuing Uranus-Pluto Squares. Neptune Continues in Pisces. Mercury Retrogrades of 2013 - In Water Signs.

January 2013: Jupiters Turns Direct at Lunar Eclipse Point. Key astrological aspects/events for January. Yogic suggestions.

February 2013 - Mercury Retrograde / Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Common Associations for Mercury Retrograde. Reframing for Mercury Retrograde. Important Functions of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Flowing with Hukum (Divine Command, the Flow of "What Is"). Key astrological aspects/events for February. Yogic suggestions.

March 2013 - A Powerful Month of "Re-______"

Jupiter's Dance with Saturn and Pluto. Mercury Retrograde Joins the Dance. A Powerful Month of "Re-_____ ." Key astrological aspects/events for March. Yogic suggestions.

April 2013 - The Time is Now 

Saturn Inconjunct Uranus. Leveraging Saturn Inconjunct Uranus. Building Momentum into the Next Uranus-Pluto Square. Key astrological aspects/events for April. Yogic suggestions.

May 2013 - Playing in the Field of Self-Mastery 

Uranus and Pluto in the 1960s. The Third Uranus-Pluto Square May 20, 2013. Trivers' Research on Self-Deception. Cultivating High Aquarian Mental Faculties. The Interplay of Mercury and Uranus. Breaking in the Road Less Traveled. Key astrological aspects/events for May. Yogic suggestions.

June 2013 - Exploring Worlds Within 

Recent Uranus-Pluto Square Reverberates. Saturn-Neptune Trine This Summer. Several Grand Water Trines in June. Jupiter Enters Cancer for About a Year 6/25/13. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. Key astrological aspects/events for June. Yogic suggestions.

July 2013 - Experiencing and Reframing Emotions

The Sun and the Moon - Identity and Internal Experience. Jupiter in Cancer - June 25, 213 through July 2014. Experiencing and Reframing Emotions. Key astrological aspects/events for July. Yogic suggestions.

August 2013 - Stimulus, Awareness, Shift and Change

34th Pauri of JapJi. Key astrologyical aspects/events for August. Yogic suggestions.

September 2013 - Expanding Awareness Beyond Ego

Virgo's Shadow and Gifts. 35th Pauri of JapJi. Self-Sensitivity with Virgo Themes. Key astrological aspects/events for September.  Yogic suggestions.

October 2013 - Wisdom With the Play

Evolving with Libra. Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Libra. 36th Pauri of JapJi. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Uranus-Pluto Square November 1st. Key astrological aspects/events for October. Yogic suggestions.

November 2013 - Dredging the Darkness, Cultivating Light

Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Scorpio. Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Saturn. Mercury Stationary Direct Trine Neptune in Pisces. Key astrological aspects/events for November. Yogic suggestions.

December 2013 - Finding Peace and Grace Where We Are

Jupiter Trine Saturn. Venus Retrograde. Venus in Capricorn and the Uranus-Pluto Squares. Key astrological aspects/events for December. Yogic suggestions. 

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