​When we experience the Mars-Sun opposition around April 8th, we may find that the built-up frustration reaches a “boiling point” when something breaks through for change.  There’s a great line from A Course in Miracles which says, “Tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit.”  Sometimes the Mars-Sun opposition doesn’t stimulate breakthrough, but instead builds more tension, requiring that we stay alert and keep working on a conscious response to it. 

The opposition should bring helpful awareness that we can work on consciously before Mars moves into position as part of the grand cross later in the month.  We may find that Mars adds pressure to catalyze change indicated by Uranus and Pluto, or even that the Uranus-Pluto square, with Jupiter’s support, provides stimulus to push us into action and change where Mars is marching through our natal charts. 

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra

On April 15th, we have a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Libra.  Eclipses have a strong effect on us, particularly if we have a natal planet near the eclipse points.  The signs of Aries and Libra are already prominent this month due to the huge grand cross including Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra.  This Full Moon will make us much more sensitive to the polarity themes of self vs. others, personal will vs. cooperation and compromise. 

Fun fact:  Astronomically, this Lunar Eclipse is called a “Blood Moon,” as when the full Moon is fully eclipsed, the face of the Moon will look dark red in color.  Get your binoculars out and ready!  This is also the first of four successive, total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipses in a row, which is a rare occurrence.  (The total eclipses are not necessarily visible from every place on Earth.) 

Support through Focus on Consciousness, Self-Responsibility and Grace

April 17th through 19th are days when there are softer planetary aspects, and this can be a good time to begin meditations that support and keep us calm and centered through the most intense period of the grand cross April 20th through 23rd.  

The Grand Cross – Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars

In terms of timing, Uranus and Pluto are in a close aspect throughout the month of April, with the exact square occurring on April 21st.  Jupiter is also in fairly close aspect to Uranus and Pluto much of the month, with the exact square to Uranus and the opposition to Pluto on April 20th.  Mars slides into the configuration forming a square to Jupiter on April 22nd, and opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto on April 23rd.  So, the 20th through 23rd may be the most intense of days, though we will certainly be feeling the pressure for change throughout the month and after. 

I’ve already written quite a bit about the Uranus-Pluto squares over the last year-and-a-half, so let me add to the basic understanding by considering how Jupiter and Mars add to the mix.  Taken by themselves, a close aspect of Jupiter and Mars is quite a dynamic combination. 
If we respond positively and constructively to this combination, Mars’ assertiveness, passion, ambition, sheer desire and strong will… could be bolstered and expanded by the expansiveness and self-assurance of Jupiter. 

If we have been stuck for a long time in limiting patterns where Uranus and Pluto are transiting our charts, and if we have felt the evolutionary pressure but hesitated to make changes for whatever reason, we might find that we suddenly have the confidence, insight, drive and willpower to make needed changes now. 

A word of caution for your awareness: 
If we are already very strong-willed and assertive, perhaps overly confident and a bit arrogant, this combination of Jupiter and Mars could lead to ploughing over other people in ways that damage relationships, situations and reputations.  However, in some stuck situations, that level of overpowering strength is exactly what’s needed to catalyze change.  Just walk mindfully, purposefully and with consciousness to make any needed changes needed personally and in your social spheres. 

The signs Jupiter and Mars are in might lend some softness and consciousness by default, if we are sensitive to the energies they carry. 
Jupiter in Cancer asks us to be aware of our internal dialogue, emotions and intuition, as well as to care for the people we consider family/tribe/support system.  Mars in Libra asks us to be aware that when we fight, we’re fighting for Good, Equality, Balance and Justice.  Holding that awareness helps us fight the good fight fairly, or to remember to rebuild things with fairness and care in the aftermath of changes we work.  So the combination of Jupiter and Mars in the grand cross may very well embolden us to fight the fight that’s needed, to get up and make changes.  But Cancer and Libra energy do ask us to be conscious and of high caliber… to make sure that whatever revolutionary, transformative actions we take to bring change to our lives and cultures, that we keep in touch with what we’re doing it for: the care and sustaining of the relationships and families that make it all worthwhile. 

In each of our individual charts, the signs of this grand cross will fall in different houses and contain different natal planets.  If you are self-aware, you will already have a solid sense of what needs to change within yourself or in your life.  Here are key questions to help with your navigation of change: 

  • Pluto:  How have you experienced some level of wounding that leaves you feeling out of step with your role in society, or a way you would like to be “anchored” on the planet?  If there are ways that you have not owned your own purpose, how can you heal and transform your relationship to that feeling of purpose, or to how you express it in the world?  Your relationship to being anchored to life and to the world, taking your place in this grand play, needs to change in some way.  If the way you express yourself does not reflect who you are inside, what can you do about that?

  • Uranus:  How solidly are you centered in being authentically yourself?  Are there ways in which your sense of aliveness and drive have become dull?  Are there ways in which you have followed a path that others envisioned or set out for you, but which no longer fit who you are deep inside?  Can you reignite a spark within yourself, envisioning a way you can shake off the chains of what no longer fits for you, and stepping out into a new version of yourself?  Can you claim it even if others around you don’t understand or feel comfortable with your changes?

  • Jupiter:  How have you underestimated the value of being attuned to what’s happening deep within yourself?  How have you become distant from or undervalued the importance of deep, bonded connection with others whom love you unconditionally and who are there for you over the long haul in life?  Have you separated yourself from the realm of emotions, judging them as silly, insignificant, impractical or weak?  How can you reconnect with your inner experience, and reorient yourself to emotions as valuable tools for feedback on how you’re doing with being yourself and going for what you need? 

  • Mars:  How do you carry yourself in one-on-one relationships?  Do you interact as an individual with a solid, healthy, functional ego structure, being real and honest and true to who you are?  Do you sacrifice yourself in some ways, going into orbit around other people and moving in their scenes?  If you are being subjugated by another person in a way that undermines you as an individual, how can you stand up for yourself?  If you witness someone oppressing another person or a group of people, will you step forward to defend the oppressed?  How can you get in touch with your personal passion, drive, ambition, energy… even enlightened, purposeful anger?  How can you take action where it is needed for yourself and others?

New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Taurus

There is a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 29th that can do a lot to bring peace and stability coming out of the exact grand cross period.  We will surely feel the deep need for ease and rest after the intense month of evolutionary stimulus.  It is a great time to plant seeds of peace, and to soothe ourselves with music, meditation, grounding ourselves and slowing down through gardening or walking in nature.  It is a time to feel solidly good about ourselves, fortifying ourselves with self-love after any cathartic stress and change we wrought this month. 

What to Do

Yogic suggestions for support this month follow below.  Remember the Aquarian Sutra, “When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off.” 

  • Stress Set for the Adrenals and Kidneys 1  

  • Wahe Guru Kriya (Trikuti Kriya) – to maintain grace under pressure 1

  • Conquer Inner Anger and Burn It Out 2

  • Ego eradicator exercise 3

  • Meditation for Release of Cold Depression 4

  • Meditation on Change 5


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4 This meditation is available on the 3HO.org website:  http://www.3ho.org/3ho-lifestyle/healthy-happy-holy-lifestyle/happy/meditation-release-cold-depression

5 Kundalini Research Institute. Kriya. Santa Cruz, NM, 2013.

© Himat Kaur Khalsa, EvolveWithAstrology.com

The April 2014 Grand Cross – Driving Change from Within

April 2014

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In the midst of a long, several-year cycle of immense internal and external pressure for change, April 2014 stands out as a “pressure-cooker” of a month.  The biggest astrological factor in April is the fifth of seven Uranus-Pluto squares (between June 2012 and March 2015), exact on April 21st.  This upcoming square is powerfully poignant and penetrating, because Jupiter and Mars move into a formation that turns the Uranus-Pluto square into a cardinal “grand cross”—where there are planets at four equidistant and tense cross points in the sky.   

Mars-Sun Opposition

On April 8th, Mars is nearly half-way through its retrograde period (March 1st through May 19th) when it forms an opposition to the Sun. 
Mars retrograde puts us in touch with deep, internal energy, passion, ambition, and even anger/rage.  If we have not owned those Mars energies within us in the area where Mars is transiting, we experience friction and frustration that presses for action.  The first half of the Mars retrograde cycle tends to build increasing pressure within us, where we hopefully notice places or ways that we’ve been stuck… ways that we have not been true to the aliveness that seeks to express through us.  It may be that others are blocking our expression of energy, passion and ambition, or it may be that we have not owned it within ourselves, and therefore play “smaller” than we should in our own lives.  Our emotions and life circumstances during the first half of the Mars retrograde cycle can help us identify what needs some breakthrough and action in our lives.  Trust your self-awareness about where you are called to take action and make a change.  ​