Although Jupiter and Mars are moving away from the grand cross aspects with the Uranus-Pluto square around April 21st, those four planets are still in the cardinal signs of Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn.  During the month of May, Venus (in Aries) will be forming tense aspects to those planets. 

Actually, we have an interesting synchronicity this month, as Mars and Venus are each traveling through the sign the other planet naturally rules—Mars moving through Libra while Venus moves through Aries.  In the previous section, I described how
Mars in the sign of Libra calls for us to find balance in our normal level of boldness and aggression, whether we need to express it more or less than our norm within interpersonal relationships.  

In contrast, Venus—the planet of grace and balance, relationship, cooperation and compromise—is moving through the fiery, strong, warrior sign of Aries.  Venus just may be signaling that we might find our inner equilibrium by being more assertive and taking risks.  This might seem counter-intuitive:  Attaining peace and ease through being more bold and taking risks?  Finding passion and courage and challenge by seeking balance in relationship and compromising?  It’s an interesting blend of energies and lessons.  Spend a little time contemplating where you fall in the range of both polarities.  Questions to help you consider ways to stretch and grow include:

Mars Resumes Direct Motion – May 19th

Mars has been traveling in retrograde motion since March 1st, and we have been strongly invited to become more aware of how well we’re handling self-assertion, anger, passion, ambition, and vibrant aliveness.  On May 19th, Mars pauses to resume forward motion.  Any tension that has been building during the retrograde period, and perhaps even more strongly since the Mars-Sun opposition on April 8th, may come to a crisis point and demand our attention and action by the end of the month when the Sun trines Mars on May 31st.  

​If you have been paying attention to your “gut instincts,” you probably know what needs to change.  If you have been waiting for others to make the changes needed, look for opportunities to grow by speaking up, taking action, or initiating changes yourself. 

understand your karma, energize your dharma

Evolve With Astrology


Gobinday, Mukanday, Udaaray, Apaaray, Hareeung, Kareeung, Nirnaamay, Akaamay

(Sustaining, Liberating, Enlightening, Infinite, Destroying, Creating, Nameless, Desireless)

“For protection; to eliminate karmic blocks or errors, purify one’s magnetic field, making it easier to relax and meditate; to cleanse the subconscious mind, balances the hemispheres of the brain, bringing compassion and patience”

Questions to help you consider ways to stretch and grow include:

  • How might you need to bring courage to the way you carry yourself in relationships with equals/peers (friends, competitors, business partners, romantic partners)?  

  • How might you need to bring more grace to the way you assert yourself? 

  • How and where might you need to express courage and personal will in order to bring balance to a situation that is not supporting or serving you/your life?  

Jupiter Trine Saturn – May 24h

In the last year, we have had two occurrences of Jupiter forming a waning trine to Saturn.  On May 24th, we have the third and final trine before Jupiter continues on towards its next conjunction with Saturn in December of 2020.  (This is a 20-year cycle from conjunction to conjunction.)

I have written about how the pair of planets are currently helping us get in touch with our sensitivity to what’s happening within us and around us (Jupiter), and to maturely root out deep-seated patterns of behavior that prevent us from a beautiful, healthy intimacy in relationships (Saturn). 

Are there commitments, situations and environments in your life that you feel weary of, ready to release and be done with… but which you know you still need to serve for a while yet?  With this last of three waning trines, contemplate how your sensitivity to your own imperfections and the imperfections of others, how your compassion and unconditional love, can transform your experience.  How might you move into a deeper “heart space” that opens you up, bringing joy and bonding with others?  Can you cultivate a sense of gratitude that helps you soften and extend love instead of something less lofty?  Can you cultivate more support, acceptance and ease with yourself, that helps you stay in situations until the time is right for them to shift naturally?  There is a beautiful, generous warmth waiting to overflow when we step into this higher perspective of accepting where we are, feeling grateful, and finding ways to serve our environments and others. 

Key Astrological Aspects/Events in May

  • May 3-4, 2014 – The Moon will be in Cancer, aligning with Jupiter and forming frictional aspects to Venus, Mars, Pluto, and Uranus.  Cultivate inner quiet and self-awareness, to catch any personal patterns and sensitivities that need to be actively heard and/or balanced. 

  • May 10, 2014 – Sun-Saturn opposition.  This is a great day to leverage personal transformation by working on self-value and overcoming imagined disabilities. 

  • May 11, 1014 – The Moon will be in Libra aligning with Mars, attuning to any tension with Venus, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter.  Venus and Mars form an exact opposition in each other’s natural sign. This is an important day to actively work on balancing the nervous systems.  Simple yogic techniques include Kirtan Kriya and alternate nostril breathing.  It’s a poignant day to use spiritual practice to change your perceptions and mental filters.

  • May 14, 2014 – Moon conjunct Saturn supports self-discipline around interpersonal issues and inner psychological issues.  We have a full Moon in Scorpio around 1:16 pm Mountain Time, after which the Moon is Void of Course, so we will be sitting with that Full Moon energy until after midnight in the wee hours of the 15th. 

  • May 15, 2014 – A powerful day to leverage changes of mental paradigm.  Mercury makes harmonious and stimulating aspects to both Venus and Uranus before they align together.  This is a great day to make changes in your patterns of relating to others.  If you have habitual ways of interacting that keep you playing small or staying stuck in behaviors or situations that are not right for you, this is a great time to initiate some changes. 

  • May 17-18, 2014 – The Moon will be in Capricorn, aligning with Pluto and making tense aspects to Mars, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter.  Self-discipline goes a long way towards positive change. 

  • May 24, 2014 – The Moon will be in Aries, aligning with Uranus and Venus, and forming frictional aspects with Mars, Pluto and Jupiter.  This is also the day of the exact Jupiter-Saturn trine.  We would benefit from fostering coziness and connection, as well as self-attunement, to work on healing in relationships and our own deep psyches. 

  • May 28, 2014 – New Moon in Gemini, with the Sun square Neptune.  This is a great day to contemplate how your identity and inner feeling tone need a bit of an overhaul around the ways you think of yourself.  There is an ability today to tap into higher perspectives of identity and understand them consciously in new ways.  Work consciously to anchor awareness at a very practical, every-day-kind-of-level in your life. 


What to Do

Yogic suggestions to consider integrating in May: 

  • Guru Gaitri Mantra 1

If you tend to be the more assertive or aggressive person in many situations--perhaps to your detriment by dominating others--the opportunity for growth may to be about finding balance by allowing others to express their needs, thoughts and feelings, and perhaps to take the lead for a change.


Mars in Libra, Venus in Aries (Aspecting Cardinal Planets)

Balancing The Sword and The Sweet

May 2014

  • Har Singh Nar Singh 1

Har singh nar singh neel naaraayan,

Guroo sikh guroo singh har har gayan,

Wha-hay guroo wha-hay guroo, har har dhiayan,

Saakat nindak dusht mathaayan

“God the Protector takes care of the universe.  Those who live in God’s consciousness and power, chant Har Har.  Meditate on Wahe Guru and live in that ecstasy.  Those who vibrate God’s Name and relate to God, all karmas are cleared.”

“This makes one a conqueror of evil.  It works on the evolution of energy, and the strength of the masculine energy.”

  • Freeing Your Energy to Defeat Depression 2

  • Kirtan Kriya 3

  • Alternate nostril breathing 4



1 Kundalini Research Institute. The Aquarian Teacher Level One Textbook. Espanola, NM, 2003.

2 Kundalini Research Institute. Reaching Me In Me. Espanola, NM, 2003.

3 Kundalini Research Institute. The Aquarian Teacher Level One Yoga Manual. Espanola, NM, 2003.

4 Using the fingers of one hand to gently close alternate nostrils, inhale long and deep through the left nostril, and exhale long and deep through the right nostril; then reverse sides, inhaling right and exhaling left.  Do this for several minutes... ideally at least three to eleven minutes.) 

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