The Home Stretch of Jupiter in Cancer

We’re nearing the end of one year expanding into our sensitivity, imagination, emotions, and deep core self, as well as healing and bonding in our family relationships.  It is fitting and appropriate that this is so, when we’ve had an interesting and intense year with two more Uranus-Pluto squares since last summer, and Jupiter in Cancer has joined in on that action. 
The cosmic message has been: “You are working hard on fighting for your individuality, your place in the world, your strength in relationships… Don’t forget the “you” deep within yourself.”  What’s happening within you?  What are your emotions telling you of how you’re actually feeling about things, where you’re really “at” within yourself in relation to what’s happening in your life?   

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​​​​I have written this year about becoming more attuned to and intelligent about our emotions, not automatically riding them, anchoring them and fusing with them as if they were our identity… But rather, learning to utilize our emotions as a kind of feedback or gauge of where our identity is focused.  Literally, we benefit by asking ourselves, When I feel ________, who must I unconsciously be thinking that I am?  What kind of internal identity do these emotions reflect?  Do my emotions show me that I think I am small, vulnerable, unequal to the task at hand, unlovable, flawed, wounded, etc…?  This can be very subtle, because we are so accustomed to feeling that our emotions are us.  Reread that last sentence and absorb it.  We are not our emotions.  No, we are not.  They serve us as a tool for self-awareness. 

Using that information with a bit of objectivity, we can be thankful for the internal emotional feedback, and then choose where we go with our minds.  We can consciously choose what we do with our emotional state, whether we let it run roughshod over us, or whether we wake up in the moment and set our mind on a different path that brings us back to a more objective place of sanity and healthy truth. 

We won’t end this year of Jupiter in Cancer having mastered our emotions.  We won’t have completely realized and perfected a new paradigm of interfacing with emotions as feedback mechanisms rather than definitions of who we “are.”  But we have one more month of Jupiter’s passage through the sign of Cancer, and the cosmos is conspiring to help us with one final big push in our learning for this passage.  Never fear, facets of these themes we haven’t fully healed and integrated yet will still be subjected to cosmic poking and prodding for our growth and evolution.  And Jupiter will visit Cancer again in 2025. 

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini

This Jupiter in Cancer period ends as it began.  The day after Jupiter entered the sign of Cancer last June (2013), Mercury paused and turned retrograde in Cancer.  It initiated a cosmic reinforcement to align the conscious mind with what Jupiter was asking of us:

  • to explore our emotional state

  • to attend to ourselves personally

  • to explore and heal our relationship with family and roots

  • to nurture gentleness within ourselves, and cultivate being a “soft place to land,” both for ourselves and for our loved ones—a soft place to rest, rejuvenate, and be nurtured

  • to learn a new purpose and way of dealing with our emotions, sensitivities, imagination, etc…

On June 7th, Mercury once again pauses to move retrograde in the sign of Cancer, calling us again to become conscious around these themes.  This time, Mercury actually moves back into the sign of Gemini before resuming direct motion on July 1st. 

As with all Mercury retrogrades, this is a period of subtly integrating our experience at many levels, consciously perhaps, and certainly much is happening at unconscious levels as well.  But the sign of Gemini is very much about perceiving and processing information, learning by interaction with others—sharing its experience and listening to what others have to say about things. 

This Mercury Retrograde period calls us to slow down and consciously integrate Jupiter’s lessons over the past year.  Mercury Retrograde moving from Cancer backwards into Gemini reinforces the need to consciously witness our emotional state, to consciously understand the emotion and what we learn from it.  Once we engage the conscious mind to understand and honor the message from the emotion, with detachment we can release the emotion like smoke carried away in the wind.  Observing that release, we truly learn that the emotion was not us, but served us well by showing us something about our current state in that moment. 

This month, I encourage us to talk with trusted friends and family about what we learn of the nature of emotions as feedback, and what we’re learning about ourselves.  This sharing will do a LOT to anchor our learning.

These words from the great, recently departed Maya Angelou sum up the deepest heart of our journey with this last Mercury retrograde with Jupiter in Cancer:

          “'God Loves Me.’  Each time I allow myself to say the words,

          I am suffused with tears of gratitude and wonder,

          and I am reestablished as a giving, living, full human being,

          with every right to everything right on this earth.”

                                                                                          (Maya Angelou)

Key Astrological Aspects/Events in June

The following is a list of several of the astrological events of June.  Follow Himat Kaur on her Facebook page EvolveWithAstrology, or on Twitter @HimatK, for more astrological information and recommendations during the month. 

  • June 7, 2014 – Mercury Stationary Retrograde at 3 degrees of Cancer. 

  • June 12, 2014 – Full Moon at 22 degrees of Sagittarius

  • June 27, 2014 – New Moon at 6 degrees of Cancer

  • July 1, 2014 – Mercury Stationary Direct at 24 degrees of Gemini.

What to Do

I would love to see us all dive very deeply into healing this month, and with the current planetary stimuli, we can maximize our efforts to heal and transform more, reaching toward becoming the Aquarian Age humans described by Yogi Bhajan.  In that light, I present one lecture/meditation for this month, which you can read on my website; I have also recorded the lecture in my own voice, as instructed in the meditation, so you can listen to the lecture by Yogi Bhajan, called “The Self-Sensory System and the Transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.” (Lecture date August 1, 2000) 1 & 2

Here is a link with excerpts from the lecture on the website:


1 Kundalini Research Institute. The Aquarian Teacher Level One Textbook. Espanola, NM, 2003.

2 Kundalini Research Institute. The Aquarian Teacher Level One Yoga Manual. Espanola, NM, 2003.

Himat Kaur at 3HO Summer Solstice Event

Himat Kaur will have a booth in the bazaar at the 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana event in Espanola, NM, June 20-28, 2014.  Contact Himat in advance or stop by the booth to book a session during your time in Espanola. 

© Himat Kaur Khalsa,

Healing into the Aquarian Age

June 2014