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2014 articles

Evolutionary Astrology Articles by Himat Kaur

Himat's monthly articles explore themes of interest and some of the most prominent astrological factors of the month, including information about what you can do yogically to more purposefully dance with the energies the planets are beaming, and to maximize the possibilities for personal growth and evolution.  

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January 2014 - Keeping Up as the Beat Goes On 

January's Major Planetary Stimulations.  Key astrological aspects/events for January. Yogic suggestions.

February 2014 - Healing Immersion Admist a Deeply Shifting World 

The Cancer-Capricorn Polarity. Jupiter Opposite Pluto. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.  Key astrological aspects/events for February. Yogic suggestions. 

March 2014 - Balancing Will and Grace 

Mars' Journey. Mars Retrograde in Libra. Key astrological aspects/events for March. Yogic suggestions. 

April 2014 - The April 2014 Grand Cross - Driving Change from Within 

Mars-Sun Opposition. Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 25 Degrees Libra. The Grand Cross - Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Taurus. Key astrological aspects/events for April. Yogic suggestions.

May 2014 - Balancing the Sword and the Sweet 

Mars Resumes Direct Motion. Mars in Libra, Venus in Aries (Aspecting Cardinal Planets). Jupiter trine Saturn. Key astrological aspects/events for May. Yogic suggestions. 

June 2014 - Healing into the Aquarian Age 

Home Stretch of Jupiter in Cancer. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer/Gemini. Key astrological aspects/events for June. Yogic suggestions.

July 2014 - Are You Ready to Roar 

Mercury Direct. Jupiter in Leo. Key astrological aspects/events for July. Yogic suggestions.