Simplistically stated, eclipses are particularly strong lunations, because they are essentially New or Full Moons when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned (orbital paths cross).  From our vantage point on earth, it appears that either the Sun blocks our view of the Moon, or vice versa.  This occurs close to the equinoxes, so each Spring and Fall, we have one Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon, and one Solar Eclipse with the New Moon.  In some years, there may be an additional eclipse in the same time frame.  The effect of eclipses can be felt more powerfully and have longer effects than lunations.  

Astrologers work with lunar phases both in birth charts and in current planetary transits in the sky.  In modern culture, New Moons and Fulls Moons are particularly noted.  New Moons symbolically reflect seeds planted, subtle new beginnings whose shape and structure and end-state is yet unknown, though we may feel an inexplicable urge to start exploring or experiencing something new and different.  What is being gestated is not fully conscious nor understood, as it is symbolically like the dark of the Moon itself, or like the seed deep in the earth not yet sprouted.   

Full Moons symbolically reflect things that began subtly at the New Moon phase, which have developed in whatever way was possible given the circumstances and people involved, and the challenges met along the way to full expression in the world.  It may essentially reflect the full potential manifest in the world.  Or instead it may reflect something less than ideal or "complete."  Whatever it is, we experience that we are in the middle of it, and it is "out there" as it is in the world with nothing to do but experience it and keep up with things as they are.   Clearly, if things developed well and circumstances are good, we are fairly content and happy.  If the challenges met along the way prevented something less than a positive, beautiful manifestation, we may find that we are discontented and begin to long for release from what is so we can move onto whatever might be next.  But that new beginning is not in the near ground, and we must keep up with serving what is.  

Both New and Full Moons can impact the body in significant ways.  It is important to eat lightly and hydrate, as the fluid balances in the body are sensitive at this time, and the body is highly influenced by gravitational pressure, the way the ocean tides are dramatically moved by the Moon in her cycle of lunar phases.  

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