Astrology Consultations: ​

  • Evolutionary Natal Consultation: $160 *

  • Transits and Progressions: $160 *

  • Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana Consultation: $160 **

  • Electional Astrology: $160 ** 

All sessions include taxes and the cost of recording, burning to CDs and shipping them to you. 

* Session length:  Sessions marked with * are generally 2 1/2  hours long.  

** Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana and Electional Astrology sessions include two separate conversations.  

Special Discount on Astrology Consultations! Because the nature of this work is that each session builds upon previous sessions, Himat gives a 25% discount on follow-up consultations booked within two months of the previous session.

Life Coaching:

  • Initial Consultation and Foundation Session: $90 for 1 1/2 hours

  • Ongoing Individual Coaching Sessions:  $60 per 45-minute session

  • Monthly Rate: $120 per month

Pricing for Services

Himat Kaur is a certified professional coach, and works with clients in either a standard coaching approach, or to specifically work on some aspect of their lives associated with karmic patterns or cutting-edge growth reflected in the birth chart and its current influences (transits/progressions).  True to the nature of life coaching, the format is open to what you need and want to focus on. Life Coaching has its own cost structure.  See price list below.

Life Coaching

Electional astrology is an ancient practice of selecting an auspicious, supportive time to begin an important event or project.  The practice is based on the understanding that the moment of birth (beginning) for anything shows the energy/vibration seeded in the event or project itself.  Key facets of the possible charts considered show inherent challenges, supportive factors, and the energy surrounding the matter.  These are all important considerations that arise and are used to determine the best option from among the possible  dates and times.   ​Given a range of possible start dates and with critical information about any date or time limitations, a chart (start time) is selected that best supports the matter.  This work can be done for a wide range of important events, commonly used to determine auspicious times for wedding charts that reflect the energy of the marriage, the launch of a new business, or even a supportive time to start a diet!  It is a fascinating practice and is amazing to see how electional charts reflect the way things unfold. 

Electional Astrology - Selecting a good time to begin

Evolutionary Natal Consultation

In the Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana Consultation takes place in two separate sessions (included in one price). Himat Kaur utilizes her yogic knowledge from training and years of experience teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan).  She works with the client to identify the strongest astrological influences natally or in progressions that call for balance, strengthening or healing; then she selects one or more kundalini Yoga kriyas, sets or meditations to assist you in doing just that.   Ideally, the Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana Consultation follows either the Evolutionary Natal Consultation or the Transits and Progressions Consultation, where the yogic prescrption is based on deep exploration of the natal chart and its unfoldment over time.  However, as a stand-alone service, Himat Kaur will identify one or two of the strongest suggestions related to the karmic pattern shown in the natal chart, discuss that energy with the client, and suggest a yoga set or meditation to assist with transmuting it.   ​This service is recommended to clients who already have experience with yoga and meditation, and who would like to use this kind of technology to engage change.    ​If your concerns are medical, please note that Himat Kaur is not a physician, and the recommended Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana Consultation should in no way be taken as medical advice, or as a replacement for seeking the help of your healthcare provider.  

A Transits and Progressions Consultation is focused on understanding how the natal picture of the soul's intention and evolution develops over time.  Several techniques are used to see how various facets of character and life are stimulated or challenged, and how they emerge as life progresses.  It answers the questions: What influences are occurring for me now?  What parts of myself should I focus on strengthening or evolving at this time?  Why am I feeling this way right now?  What can I do about what I'm feeling?  How can I intentially work with the energy of themes currently being triggered by progressions?   Modern predictive astrology is often focused on determining fated outcomes.  The problem with that approach lies is overlooking the fact that there are so very many ways an archetype could arise in our lives, and just as many ways we can dance with it.  Himat Kaur's emphasis with transits and progressions is not fatalistic; it is grounded in actively and intentionally working with the current influences, based on the way the client has lived the birthchart and responded to previous transits and progressions.  Her focus is on helping clients explore how the archetypes relate to their lives, so they can make positive, conscious choices.     ​Note that an Evolutionary Natal Consultation with Himat Kaur is required first, to gain a solid understanding of karmic challenges and the soul's intent, before booking a consultation on current Transits and Progressions.  

The natal chart (or birthchart) reflects the soul's blueprint for the foundation of your life.  It shows the strengths and challenges of the soul, and Himat Kaur identifies themes and stories that convey the character and experiences of the karmic past that are ripe to be understood and transmuted in this lifetime.  Similarly, the high suggestion of dharma is indicated in the natal chart.  In short, the natal chart shows your soul's intentions for healing and evolution.   ​It answers such questions as:  Who am I?  What are my biggest challenges in life?  What strengths and gifts do I have?  What of value might I offer to others?  What kinds of experiences reflect karmic issues to be understood, healed and sidestepped in this lfie?  What experiences represent dharma for my soul?  What are the highest, best suggestions for my life that would make the angels cheer and earn an A+ from my soul?  ​Note that the Evolutionary Natal Consultation is required before booking a Transits and Progressions Consultation.  The Natal Consultation gives the foundation of themes and issues, and an understanding of how the client has used the potentials in the chart.  Without that consultative conversation, transits and progressions are not grounded in the actual unfoldment of the soul as evidenced by the individual's choices in life.  

Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana Consultation

Transits / Progressions Consultation


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