Thank you all for letting me be a part of your self-expansion. It is a true pleasure to serve you in this great dance of life.

                          -Himat Kaur 

Client Testimonials

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"I felt deeply understood and supported in my life during the conversation I had with Himat Kaur.  Thank you for generously blending the insights and the tools of two wonderful healing traditions."

          - Janis (Tejpreet Kaur), on her Evolutionary Yoga Sadhana Consultation

"I have had many Western and Vedic astrology readings over the years, and while I have a good understanding of my basic chart, I never heard anyone explain... why things are the way they are.  Himat explained the karmic energies in a way that helps understand my life, and feel empowered to make helpful changes and live more purposefully.  So far above and beyond the norm."

          - Anonymous, on her Evolutionary Natal Consultation  

"Himat Kaur's insights are amazing. I felt absolutely seen and understood.  I highly recommend her."

          - Joanne, on her Evolutionary Natal Consultation

"Himat Kaur shares her insights of your chart in a way that is empowering and relevant to the deep spiritual journey that we are all on.  She has beautiful insights and helps me think about things in new ways whenever we talk. "

          - Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

"I've had other transit/progression readings before, where the astrologer focused on predicting events for the next year.  That's always fun and interesting, but I haven't found the predictions coming true.  Himat's approach is so rich and deep, because she helps me understand the influences and evolutionary undercurrents that I can purposefully work with to navigate my life and improve myself in specific ways.  I really value Himat's approach and get so, so, so much out of it."

          - Kevin on his Transits and Progressions Consultation

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